Hosana Guterres

Corporate Administrator
British Virgin Islands D +1 284 494 2714

Hosana Guterres (Zana) joined the BVI office of FFP as a corporate administrator in 2021. Prior to joining FFP, Zana worked for a BVI Trust company and gained experience in Corporate administration, Corporate governance, implementing structural changes for BVI registered entities and in the provision of fiduciary services. There she was responsible for a large portfolio of clients from Latin America, and she would also often be involved in the establishment of regulated SIBA funds, providing Authorised Representative function and working closely with the Trustee on different types of Trusts.

Zana has worked in the BVI Financial Services industry for over five years and has experience dealing with all client needs including accounting, bookkeeping, voluntary liquidations, and general corporate business management.

Zana began her career in 2010 working as an imports & exports analyst for a commodity trading agency gaining invaluable experience in the logistics sector. She then joined a multibillion dollar construction project in Brazil as a financial analyst at a multinational South Korean steel-making company. There she worked in a team of 12 staff members helping with the establishment of protocols and procedures for the Finance department in compliance with local laws, customs and the Brazilian tax system.

Originally from Brazil, Zana is fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish. She holds a Business Administration degree in Foreign Trade from the University of Fortaleza.

This broad range of experience gained prior to her offshore move, and local experience during her time working in the BVI, places her well to deliver the corporate and fiduciary services required by FFP’s clients.