Catriona Lefkos

Catriona Lefkos works in the Forensics and Investigations team at FFP Cayman providing forensic investigation services, litigation and e-discovery support where FFP is appointed as fiduciaries or liquidators. In particular, Catriona’s role involves assisting the liquidators to identify hidden assets, uncovering financial irregularities and developing legal strategies for managing disclosure and document workstreams in high value litigation.

Catriona is a qualified lawyer with over 15 years’ local and international experience in general commercial litigation, e-discovery and insolvency experience having worked in the commercial litigation teams at law firms in the Cayman Islands and Melbourn.

Catriona holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (Japanese) degree from Monash University in Melbourne and in 2020 she completed a Master of Laws (LLM) at the University of Melbourne. Catriona is a member of INSOL International and RISA (Recovery and Insolvency Specialists Association) in the Cayman Islands.