Andrew Rutherford

Andrew Rutherford specialises in forensic accounting and investigations with over 17 years of experience in professional services.

Andrew has over 10 years of offshore experience in the Cayman Islands where he has gained extensive experience in the financial services industry and investigations involving complex offshore financial structures.

Prior to FFP, Andrew spent 14 years with Deloitte in the Cayman Islands and Canada, where he specialised in forensic and dispute services.

He has specific experience in investigating fraud, unethical behaviour, corrupt practices and conflicts of interest involving directors and senior company officials for several public and private companies and organisations.

Andrew is also experienced in conducting assessments of anti-corruption, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering compliance programs and is well-versed in conducting financial analysis and quantification of damages in commercial litigation, investigating allegations of employee embezzlement and undertaking multi-jurisdictional asset tracing.

Andrew also has experience assisting police with obtaining and executing search warrants, interviewing and interrogating witnesses and suspects, collecting evidence, and preparing reports; conducting financial reviews and investigations into financial irregularities in bankruptcies and restructuring of organisations; conducting on-site inspections on behalf of regulators at banks, insurance companies, and other regulated entities; managing court supervised liquidations of various financial services companies including banks, hedge funds, and insurance companies; and conducting financial statement audits for public and private companies in a variety of industries.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Acadia University, and is a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants (CICPA).